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We are proud to introduce you to Enagic… The manufacturer and distributor of the Kangen Water System. This video is hosted by Pat Boone an American singer, composer, actor, writer, television personality, motivational speaker and spokesman. This demonstration will have you never looking at water the same way ever again. You will understand why Kangen Water creates the highest quality drinking water on the planet, and how you can get the best water possible for less money than you are already spending! Simply put, once you watch this demonstration you will want our product.

Before Watching Any Of These Videos Keep the Following In Mind.

The individuals in these videos come from all walks of life: Doctors, chiropractors, fitness experts, brilliant business people, celebrities, professional athletes, restaurant owners, housewives and the list goes on. The only thing they have in common are their testimonies about how Kangen Water has changed their personal lives from perspectives of health, business and even wealth.

If you keep an open mind and watch our product demonstration videos and the testimonials of REAL people and consider the facts regarding tap and bottled water you can only come to the following conclusions:

  • This is a real product that works as advertised and is the only water you should be drinking!
  • There is a reason this company has done Billions in sales Internationally in the last 42 years
  • There is a reason why top athletes, countless celebrities, medical professionals, and some of the brightest people in the world all use our product
  • There is crystal clear information on how this product pays for itself with the money it saves year after year.
  • There is NO reason why you should not own this product other than a financial hardship! (remember we offer financing)

Cost aside…can you really put a price on your health or the health of your family? Whether it takes you 30 minutes or 3 hours to view these videos, find the time to gain education; for yourself, for your family and for the good of the environment. This device not only produces the healthiest drinking water on earth, it also creates waters that will replace the harmful cleaning chemicals you now use that damage both you and your environment! It will also help reduce the estimated *18,834,000,000 (not a typo) water bottles that end up in landfills EVERY YEAR!

Think about this…Japan ranks #1 in the world in terms of longevity and they also consume more ionized alkaline water than any country in the world, as 1 in 6 households own a water ionizer. The United States ranks #38 on that list as presently, only 1 in 20,000 households own an ionizer.

Do the math on all these facts and the equation looks like this:

Overwhelming Facts on Health and Environmental Benefits + Countless Testimonials of Credible Clients + Cost Savings with the Money it Saves So it Pays For Itself = A simple decision to own a Kangen Water Ionizer From Enagic…the Gold Standard in the Industry.

Medical Doctors on Kangen

See why top medical professionals endorse our product

Our High Profile Clientele

See why we are the Water of Choice for the rich and famous who always want the best of the best.

Chiropractors on Kangen

If you are a chiropractor you are always looking for something to give you an edge and to find ways to improve the care of your patients. Nothing you can do in your practice can elevate the benefits of your current procedures like incorporating Kangen Water into your business. Water is the lubricant of the body and nothing hydrates like Kangen Water PERIOD! So properly lubricated joints and hydrated muscles will vastly improve the effectiveness of your adjustments!

The added benefit is that any supplements your clients may be taking will be more effective as the micro-clustering of the ionized water helps to breakdown the supplements more effectively and have them be better absorbed into the body. This water of course is the best alternative for the well-being of your patient but also for you and your family as well!

Restaurant Owners On Kangen

Thousands of restaurants around the world use our device daily during their preparation and cooking processes. Kangen Water dramatically improves the taste and quality of their food. In preparation process it strips fruits and vegetables of the bitter-tasting, harmful chemical pesticides. Tap or even bottled water CANNOT do that.

This machine produces 5 different kinds of water which have multiple uses that benefit restaurants and consumers in general. From cleaning and prepping of foods to cleaning and sanitizing, the Kangen Water machine produces the best cleaners, de-greasers and sanitizers possible. Keep in mind it is still just WATER, so you can rid your restaurant and home of harmful chemical cleaners. These multiple uses add up to big savings, so the Kangen Ionizing Water machine pays for itself many times over!

Fitness Experts on Kangen Water

See why fitness professionals, personal trainers and physical therapists agree that the single biggest benefit to their customers and their businesses was Kangen Water. It has made a world of difference for their clients and their businesses. There is a reason why Kangen Water is the Water of choice for top athletes around the world…because it hydrates like no other water can.

Watch this video to see how these professionals incorporate Kangen Water into their procedures and client recommendations. One thing to keep in mind for those of you that are business owners: Kangen Water can add an additional income stream to you business. What is better than a product you can confidently recommend to your clients to help them live a longer, healthier life, and helps build your bottom line at the same time!

Beauty Water Description

In this very brief video you will see that Asia has developed a beauty secret that has been used for decades combining water and balanced pH. And now this amazing breakthrough is bringing true beauty to the entire world. From the body’s core to the surface of the skin, our advanced water technology not only rejuvenates the skin, it also adds shine, bounce and body back into lifeless hair. Kangen Water is fueling the global movement of true beauty.

Pro Athletes Description

From the NY Yankees to the Seattle Seahawks to Tiger Woods…. countless professional athletes are drinking ionized alkaline water from Kangen for the increased health benefits, recuperative properties and competitive edge that they experience! But you don’t need to be an athlete to experience the benefits of the water!

Chlorine in Your Tap Water

It’s no secret that tap water is loaded with chlorine, one of the deadliest gases on earth. What you might not realize though is that when you supposedly are cleaning your fruits and vegetables with tap water you are not actually cleaning the vegetables but you are filtering your water through them…watch to see what we mean by that.

How it Works

Watch this video to see the many reasons why ionized alkaline water is the only water that can truly hydrate your body effectively and how it is able to do so. All water is not created equal and this video will help you understand why.

All water is not created equal and this video will help you understand why!

Bottled Water Myth

Bottled water is not all it’s cracked up to be. You are paying a LOT of money for a product that can actually can have a negative effect on your health and is one of the biggest environmental concerns in the world today.60 million bottles of water are consumed daily and the plastic containers end up in landfills.

Tap & Bottled Water are Not Good

Whether you are drinking water directly from the tap, filtering tap water or buying bottled water, each has its issues. Most are generally acidic in nature. Diseases thrive in an acidic environment and are eradicated in an alkaline environment. Most direct-tap water may appear to be alkaline. This is due to the presence of strong chemicals that make it so. Watch this video and become educated about why ionized alkaline water is the only water you should be drinking!

There’s No Competition

Instead of a long page of facts and figures that might lull you to sleep, sit back and watch this comparison of the so-called competition from a doctor’s first-hand perspective on why Enagic’s ionizers are the gold standard of the industry and the ONLY ionizer certified as a medical device. The life of this doctor’s daughter depends on an ionizer that works optimally, so he has researched/purchased every ionizer on the market and has come to the conclusion that Enagic is indeed the only ionizer worth owning.

Learn the Many Benefits and Uses of Our Kangen Water