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As a restaurant you are always looking for a competitive and profitable edge. There are three things that never are far from the top of your mind:

  • Saving Money
  • Making Money
  • Serving the Best Food Possible

That’s exactly what the Kangen water ionizer will do for you. You think you already serve the best food possible. Of course you do! But here’s the deal: Use Kangen water as your cooking water instead of tap water and you won’t believe the difference!

Ever wonder why something as simple as an onion soup has its good days and bad? It’s not you it’s not the onions. It’s the water – bad tap water. Swap it out for Kangen water and be prepared to be amazed. Flavors are richer, cleaner, fresher. It is those transformed water molecules. They mix easier and more fully with your ingredients. The result is a delight to the palate. Even your rock solid totally perfected signature dishes will get reenergized. You won’t believe your taste buds!

See What Restaurant Owners Have to Say About Kangen Water

Preparing Your Ingredients

Serving your customers the highest quality food possible is always going to be your highest priority, as a satisfied customer is a repeat customer…you can be assured you are serving the best when your foods are prepared with Kangen Water from Enagic. No matter where your fresh ingredients come from – even if you buy organic – you should always combine the strengths of Strong Kangen Water to remove dirt, harmful chemicals, and other unwanted, microscopic substances from your food.

The yellow water you see in the bowl with the tomatoes are the PESTICIDES and CHEMICALS that are on all your fruits and vegetables that can only be removed using strong kangen water which emulsifies the pesticide oils instantly. You will be AMAZED at the taste difference once these harmful items are removed.


Cooking Your Ingredients

When it comes time for the most crucial part of the entire process – putting it all together to create a succulent, mouth-watering meal – Enagic is there.

The uses for Kangen Water and other water types in the kitchen are endless. Use Kangen Water (pH 8.5-9.5) to produce delicious and fluffy rice, for example. Acidic Water is perfect for use when cooking beans, peas, and other related items – and can even speed up the cooking time for these ingredients. This type of water also produces crispy and delicious fried food when you use this water to prepare the batter.

These are just a few examples of the versatility that our waters bring to your kitchen. There are countless uses and applications for Kangen Water and you will wonder how you ever managed without this machine in your kitchen!


You will immediately boost the aroma and flavor of your soups and broth by using the water! Since Alkaline Kangen Water brings out the natural flavors and fragrances of fresh ingredients, it is the ideal choice for your soups, broths, pastas, and – well, basically everything! After all, the taste, odor, and color of tap water are compromised by a myriad of undesirable pollutants. So why would you ever let it touch your food or serve it to your customers in a glass? Do you drink tap water?

With all these amazing benefits, it is difficult to imagine how chefs and restaurant owners have gotten away without using an Enagic machine! The difference in taste and appearance is absolutely shocking – and can turn any good dish into a five-star, mouth-watering masterpiece.

That can be the difference between how your customers experience your restaurant…their experience can go from so-so to WOW simply by changing the way you prep and cook your food using Kangen water. That may sound like a bold statement but 30,000 restaurants don’t think so, and we add new restaurant clients everyday because when they understand how they can get an advantage for their restaurant they want it!

Kangen Water is the Best Cleaner and Sanitizer With NO CHEMICALS

Organic – Sustainable – Green

Those are the big buzz words these days. Those are also three words that apply to Kangen water. Replacing all those chemicals you use to use is a major positive for the environment alone. What’s the adjective most commonly use with heavy-duty cleaners and sanitizers? No Harshness – No Odors!

So harsh that it usually recommended you wear gloves. But things are different when you use Kangen ionized alkaline water.

No Harshness – No Odors – No Gloves.

What’s left? Just water that’s really is like a miracle! Water that’s pure, simple, transformed. And your food is not the only thing organic in your restaurant. Your cleaning supplies are as organic, sustainable and green as it gets.

It is hard to understate the importance of clean, sanitized surfaces for businesses, especially in a restaurant. Of course it is necessary to ensure that your place of business is clean, sanitary and up to or above safety standards. But are industrial-strength chemical cleaners the ONLY way to achieve this result?

Thankfully, there is a healthier

and more affordable solution that will completely eliminate harsh, toxic chemicals from your business: Water. It’s basic chemistry! Enagic® water ionizers generate enough Strong Acidic Water to wipe out harmful bacteria, germs, and other pathogens.

Removing Stains

Strong Kangen Water is perfect for removing tough stains – like coffee, soy sauce, oil, etc. – and keeping your dishcloths, tablecloths, clothes, napkins and other accessories free of stubborn blemishes that ruin aesthetics and cost a fortune each year to clean.

Fighting Dirt and Grime

A dirty, grimy business is an unprofitable one. You can keep your premises looking exactly as they should with Strong Kangen Water, which cuts right through grime that has collected on vents, cooking surfaces, tools, machinery, and virtually anything else. For bonus cleaning, use Strong Acidic Water after using Strong Kangen Water for a powerful one-two punch.

Cleaning Dishes

Strong Kangen Water can also be used to help you wash dishes more effectively and efficiently. When you use Strong Kangen Water, you can use up to 25% less detergent – which saves you money every year. Washing in Acidic Water also helps your dishes come out sparkling clean, every time.

Battling Grease

Grease buildup and stains can be a nightmare to tackle, but with Strong Kangen Water and Strong Acidic Water, you can cut through them quickly and effectively. It will emulsify oil on contact!

Keep everything in your business clean, and keep it running like it should by using Kangen Water from Enagic every day. Also avoid spending a fortune every year on harsh, possibly toxic cleaning chemicals that both increase your overhead and damage the environment.


Strong Kangen Water (pH of 11.0) and Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7) deliver a powerful cleaning and sanitizing effect for cutting boards, scrubbing surfaces, cutlery, dishes, faucets, handles, and other surfaces and instruments. Combine the powers of Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water to promote a cleaner, healthier environment for your business - no matter what it may be.

With Margins What They are in the Restaurant Business Any Changes You Make Need to Have a Payoff.

  • Wouldn’t you love to serve your guests water you could be proud to serve? Delicious, clean, crisp water that actually has health benefits, and not chemically laced tap water that no one enjoys!
  • You will make more money because your patrons are having a more enjoyable dining experience which means they’ll become loyal patrons. There’s nothing like repeat customers to strengthen your overall business.
  • You will save money by not having to purchase chemical cleaners, and that alone will have this machine paying for itself! Besides the fact you will never have to buy bottled water ever again for your personal consumption saving you even more!
  • Bottom line is using the Kangen ionizer as your water choice instead of tap water is the best choice for your bottom line. It pays for itself with the money it saves and then adds income to your bottom line.
  • Don’t forget Kangen drinking water tastes better than any of the other waters. There is peace of mind knowing that while you make your bottom line healthier you’re also making your patrons healthier. Everyone wins which makes it the perfect pay off.