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You have a unique opportunity to partner and prosper with us as we enlighten people about the importance of drinking ionized alkaline water. Although Enagic has been around for 42 years and has done BILLIONS in sales around the world, only 5 % of North America knows that we create the healthiest, least expensive drinking water on the planet!

That adds up to being a ground floor opportunity with none of the risk that normally comes with it, as the company is established for over 40 years. This product really sells itself so you don’t need to be a sales person to have success in this business.

Once someone is made aware of our product they want it…it’s that simple. There are really only two people we can’t help. First is the skeptic who doesn’t believe anything they see, read or hear, and second, those not in a financial position to invest in one of our products, but we overcome that most times with our financing options for those who qualify.

You can make a nice income by simply pointing people to this website, as it does all the selling and telling so you don’t have to andthere is no cap on earnings. Continue your review and be sure to visit our video library for more compelling reasons to become an Enagic distributor today.

About the Enagic Company and the
Opportunity to Partner With Us

Enagic was founded in Japan in 1974. We have an A+ Rating With BBB with BILLIONS of dollars In Sales offering the Only Medically Certified Water Ionizer in the world.

Enagic is known the world over as the Gold Standard in its industry and has numerous awards and certifications to prove it.


Our Product

Our device turns ordinary tap water into the Highest Quality and Healthiest drinking water possible by simply hooking the device up to the faucet!

  • Life Span of up to 25 years
  • 5 year warranty
  • Pays for itself with the money it saves
  • Tax Deductible and can utilize deductions

Our Product Pays For Itself

Here you can see the different expenses associated with buying different types of water, which most everyone does, and why water is the #2 most purchased beverage!

Buying bottled water even by the case is almost as expensive as a gallon of gas, and in the 5 gallon jugs it’s not much cheaper!
Investing in our most popular model is just $3980 (top line on the left). Look at what happens to the cost in the long run (far right). It ends up being a fraction of the cost of any other water.

People spend MORE money on inferior water that actually has a negative effect on their health. You would be offering consumers a less expensive, healthier alternative. Owning this product and offering it to others makes sense and is a no lose situation!

Huge Expanding Water & Health and Wellness Markets

Not only does the product pay for itself, it gives you the ability to offer a product in markets that are exploding. Look at that chart…the blue area represents water and the gray area represents soda…they are moving in opposite directions as the world becomes more health conscious.

Water will be the #1 purchased beverage within a year and is a 360 billion dollar industry. Water is also part of the Health and wellness Industry; approximately a TRILLION Dollar Industry and growing

You can offer the healthiest water on earth for less money than people are spending on water totally lacking in health benefits. So why wouldn’t they want our product?

A Financially Rewarding Business

Each sale you make can pay up to $1700 and with bonuses that can add up to over $2200 per sale! That’s because of the power of leverage that comes with our compensation plan. Contact the person who introduced you to this website to get all the details.

Our Compensation Plan will show you how selling just ONE machine to ONE key business or individual can create a lifetime of commission checks for you. This plan is so unique it holds a US patent so you need to see it.

(Request more information on our PATENTED compensation plan).

The Formula For Success

The Formula to be Successful in Any product offering Contains Just 3 Essentials:
  • First you need a product you believe in, that fills a need. The Kangen Water machine fits the bill!
  • Second you need to find qualified people to offer that product to, and EVERYONE drinks water so the world is our market.
  • Finally You need to simply help people make a decision that is good for THEM…

Isn’t that going to be easy?…People want to be healthier and love saving money. We show them a way to accomplish both with our product!

A Business You Can Call Your Own

Kangen Water adds a VALUE and INCOME OPPORTUNITY like no other product can. What product can you offer that is so necessary to a healthy life that you can also start with ZERO out of pocket? Remember our website does all the telling and selling for you, and there is…

  • No Inventory to Stock
  • No Monthly Auto Shipments
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Annual Renewals Fees
  • No Quotas to Meet
  • No Ongoing Expense of Any Kind

Turnkey Marketing Materials

This product is so easy to sell with our done-for-you marketing materials.
  • Multiple Websites
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers and much more

Remember… 1 sale to a business can turn into MANY sales commissions for you when they become distributors themselves as you would get paid a percentage of their sales!

Our Famous Clientele

We have an existing clientele of thousands including the who’s who in the world, from celebrities to top athletes, medical advisers and the rich and famous. Our clients and the medical professionals associated with our company speak to the credibility of our 42 year old company and quality of our product.

Couple our life changing product and company credibility with the fact that only 5% of North America know about us yet, even though we produce the healthiest, most cost-effective drinking water on the planet, and you begin to see why this is such a terrific ground-floor opportunity for our distributors!

This is without a doubt a product that will enhance both your health and wealth and enables you to start a business of your own working part time with no upfront out of pocket expense and offers an income that you control!