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There is no question that water is the key to life. Water helps us absorb and digest our nutrients and eliminates toxins. Water lubricates our joints and helps protect our tissues and gives flexibility to our muscles, tendons, cartilage and bones. Each of the cells in our body contains water.

Like a fish tank, the better the condition of the water, the healthier the fish. We need to be sure we consume sufficient amounts of GOOD WATER. The evidence is mounting that water with a higher PH and higher levels of NEGATIVE ORP (explained below) has been providing people with more stamina, less fatigue and better cellular hydration while flushing out toxins and helping the body operate at peak efficiency.

Most people drink plenty of fluids but not enough water. Unfortunately for a lot of people the only time they drink water is to wash down their medications. To be properly hydrated our cells need an ongoing supply of water to help speed the healing process and reduce the buildup of lactic acid.

If your body is not properly hydrated at the cellular level, your health and well being will not only suffer, but your athletic performance will falter. Drinking Kangen Water is the best way to properly hydrate your body, and no other water or sports drink can compare.

“When you operate one of the most prestigious private gyms in West Los Angeles, you need to always be providing your clientele with the very best trainers, state of the art equipment and latest information about health and wellness. From the moment we installed the ENAGIC SD-501 our members have been drinking this amazing water when they work out and then refilling their bottles to take home. Many have reported faster recovery times from injuries, more stamina, they’re sleeping better and have even commented on improvements in the appearance of their skin. We brought the machine in as an experiment. With its overwhelming acceptance, there is no way we can ever see removing it!”

-Joe Mancuso. Proprietor Joe’s Gym, Brentwood CA.


Ionized, restructured water supplies the body with extra free electrons which can be used to help neutralize disease-causing free radicals in your body. Kangen Water has an alkaline pH along with a strong NEGATIVE ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential), both of which creates a very potent antioxidant.

Soft drinks, sports drinks and most all bottled waters have acidic pH and Positive ORP, meaning they LACK antioxidant quality and are actually ADD to the body’s oxidation levels. Disease thrives in acidic bodies! Now you can see why athletes from around the world are discovering the benefits of drinking Kangen Water.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a whole lot more! Review the videos clips on this page describing the many users and benefits of Kangen Water and hear what professional athletes have to say.

Be Green, Be Ravishing!

In Asia there is a beauty secret that has been used for decades combining water and balanced pH, and now this amazing breakthrough is bringing true beauty to the entire world. Beauty is being created from the body’s core to the surface of the skin.

The advanced technology of Kangen Water is rejuvenating skin and putting shine, bounce and body back into lifeless hair – fueling the global movement of true beauty. Water is the elixir of life from which all forms of beauty spring.

Water is an essential ingredient in almost every aspect of life and beauty is no exception. It is long been believed that outward beauty is actually a reflection of the inner health and wellness. Recent scientific discoveries have created an even stronger correlation between the two.

Research of the delicate pH balances have uncovered what many are calling the secret to true beauty. As our understanding of the interaction between water and the body grows, so do the ways we can improve our health and vitality. Science continues to play a major role in developing the most effective methods for creating a more vibrant youthful appearance. Japanese water technology is changing the face of beauty.


Whether you merely want to improve the firmness, tone and glow of your skin or you are dealing with more serious issues. Kangen Water is the answer.

Conditions Improved After Drinkind Kangen Water

Because many so-called beauty products are loaded with harmful chemicals, natural beauty products offer far greater value. Thanks to your Enagic® water ionizing machine, you won’t have to subject your beautiful, youthful hair and skin to harsh chemicals any longer.

The same machine that keeps you healthy and hydrated on the inside can help keep you beautiful and clean on the outside too. No longer do you need to rely on chemical-laden hair and beauty products, which affect not only you but the environment as well.

Why pay $20 – $50 for skin toners when you can produce the best skin toner on earth using Kangen beauty water. Watch your skin change by being properly hydrated drinking ionized alkaline water 8.5-9.5PH on the inside and using Kangen beauty water 4.5 on the outside! Your skin will be glowing like never before!

This is the secret to a youthful, vibrant glowing skin. It’s like a face lift in a bottle!